About Us

Both my husband and I are proud Metis people, a recognized Aboriginal People here in Canada.  I was raised in the Yukon Territory, and have worked and lived my entire life in the north, both northern Alberta and Northern Manitoba.  Now that I am retired, I have decided to move to a warmer climate for health reasons, but I still miss the rugged beauty of Canada's north every day.

I am now located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada but I do ship Worldwide.

All of my pieces are unique and OOAK. I make each piece by hand using precious and semi-precious gemstones, birch bark, driftwood, dried plants, butterfly wings, seed beads, buffalo bone and anything else the Creator sees fit to give me to use in my work. None of my pieces are the same since I use all natural items and nature doesn't duplicate anything either. I find and tumble, polish and drill most of my own stones and the beads I use are generally artisan beads or high quality Czech glass or Swarovski crystal. I prefer the soft glow of nature to the "Bling" of mass produced items.

I am a mother, grandmother (Kookum) and Great Grandmother as well as a business woman, but have always had a love of nature and stones in particular. I have always made jewelry using different mediums and methods and gave all of my OOAK pieces away as gifts until recently. In the fall of 2014 I retired early from my full time job due to health issues and decided that I would try to make a living doing what I love. Imagine my delight when I realized that other people - you - loved my jewelry as much as I did! I have never looked back and every day is a delight for me as I get to express my love of nature and the Creator in my wearable art pieces.

I use 100% recycled craft paper boxes and shipping envelopes and stive to be as sustainable in my production and shipping as possible  As they say "There is NO Plan(et) B"

Tara Potter and Pete Ladouceur Traditional Metis Wedding in Slave Lake, Alberta 2008

 (This photo is of my husband and I at our traditional Metis wedding when we finally tied the knot and made it official LOL.  My dress was made by my amazing Sister in Law and my husband is the very picture of a handsome and proud Metis man.  We had a traditional ceremony at our lake lot on Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta officiated by my Brother in Law, a traditional Red Blanket Man and Pipe Holder.)