Cat Friendly Essential Oils - 10 Oils that at SAFE for your Fur Baby

We all love our essential oils (my favourites are bergamot & grapefruit), but we need to be careful how we use them around our children and pets.

My children are all grown now, but I have a sweet fur baby named "Violet" who is a spoiled princess, and I need to be sure that I am not doing anything to harm her.

Violet my calico kitten

That is why I went to the experts on Essential oils and cats - the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association - to find out what the most "cat friendly" oils are and which ones to avoid. (Sadly, both of my favs are TOXIC to cats!!!)  The list of toxic oils is long and I suggest you follow the link above to see if YOUR favourite oil is on the list.

So, in Alphabetical order since I love them all and don't want to play favourites, here are 10 oils that you CAN use around your favourite feline:

  1. Cedarwood
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Rosemary
  4. Clary Sage
  5. Frankincense
  6. Sweet Basil
  7. Jasmin
  8. Sweet Pea
  9. Chamomile
  10. Geranium

Some general guidelines for the use of essential oils in homes with cats are as follows:

  • Never apply essential oils directly to cats, feed oils to cats, or leave oils in areas where they may come in direct contact with cats.
  • Avoid the use of the oils on the TOXIC list.
  • Avoid the use of ALL essential oils in households with cats with asthma, allergies, or similar conditions.
  • Keep cats out of rooms with a high concentration of essential oils (when floors or furniture is washed with oils, or diffusers are used without open windows, for example).

As with anything else, it's better to be safe than sorry.  I love my baby girl too much to risk her health, so from now own, my NEW favourite oils are going to be Frankincense and Sweet Pea!

If you are wanting a unique way to wear your oils while directly benefiting cats, check out my newest line of CAT DIFFUSER BRACELETS  Each is named for a special cat in my life and $10 from EVERY BRACELET SOLD is donated DIRECTLY to my local animal shelter!

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