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With the growing movement over the past few years to support local and small businesses, I am happy and proud to tell everyone that not only are we a small, woman owned business, but we handcraft every single item right here in Alberta, Canada.

I try to support other local small businesses as much as possible as well, so you will not find any items from Walmart or Michaels used in my jewelry.

I purchase my lamp worked glass beads from local artisans and my gift boxes come from a shop in Quebec.

I have actually found and tumbled and drilled many of my own stones or purchased them from other small businesses on Etsy, Ebay, etc.

I use local pressed and dried flowers, bird feathers, willow, buffalo bone, etc. in many of my creations.

When purchasing groceries I shop at the local grocery store instead of the Sobeys or Safeways, and try to eat at small, independent restaurants instead of big chains every time.  I find that not only is the quality better (usually) but the customer service is well worth the price difference.

If you are just now starting to look around for local businesses to support, then here is a good starting point:

The website lists truly Canadian businesses and is always looking for us to add even more local, small town businesses to their listing.  Check them out, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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