How to care for your Fine Seed Bead Jewelry

Seed bead jewelry is a major investment in both your money and my time.  While the beads are not expensive, it takes many hours of painstaking work to create each piece.  Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your unique piece - earrings, necklace, etc. - lasts for many years of enjoyment.

1. DO NOT cut thread

All of our seed bead pieces are handmade using needle and thread. DO NOT cut the thread. If the unfortunate happens we will repair products, hassle free, anytime for a small fee.

2. DO NOT wear in the water

Our seed bead pieces should never be worn swimming or in the bathtub or shower. This damages the stones and beads, loosens adhesive, and also runs the risk of loss of jewelry. 

3. Store away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause glass seed bead colors to fade. The majority of our glass seed beads are protected with Duracoat®, a durable clear coating to prevent discoloration. However, to keep jewelry vibrant, store out of direct sunlight, preferably in a jewelry bag, box, or jewelry organizer.

4. Spot clean Leather backing with rubbing alcohol

The majority of our seed bead pieces are backed with commercially tanned  Deer Hide. Rubbing alcohol is great for spot cleaning your earring backs.

To clean the  backing, dab a clean cloth with a small amount of clear rubbing alcohol and gently rub the earring backing. 

5. Clean jewelry with polishing cloth

Jewelry polishing cloths are excellent for wiping away dirt and skin oils that have built up on earrings. This is especially important for 24k gold plated jewelry, or other metal plated jewelry. A light, circular motion is great for buffing and restoring shine.

ALWAYS gently clean jewelry with a soft material so as not to strip dyed coatings and plating from the glass seed beads. 

6. Be mindful when wearing jewelry during vigorous exercise

Be mindful if jewelry is worn during vigorous exercise. You run the risk of jewelry falling off and getting lost or damaged. 

*If you are a dancer or performer, we can equip earrings with special backs for an extra layer of security.

Thanks You for supporting this small business and enjoy wearing your unique, fine seed bead creations.

Many Blessings,